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Big projects require experience and attention. Your project needs someone who is looking out for you, your vision, and needs. We provide you the sound advice and design expertise you need along with the organization and energy to keep your dream moving forward.

THE DETAILS: Starting from the blueprint and space plans to the last perfectly placed pillow, we are there for each part of the process. We make sure your plan is thorough and cohesive while collaborating with the best of contractors. We are professional planners and can manage the big and little aspects of the job for you.


We want you to feel a real connection to your space and we can help you get there with each detail.

THE DETAILS: We believe the rooms of your home should not only be a unique reflection of you and your vision but also a place that is practical and pretty. We will create the perfect plan for your space and handle all the details to bring it to life. Relax while we bring the layers together, creating a space you'll never want to leave.


Sometimes you need just a little bit of guidance to bring your vision to life. This is perfect for anyone who is in need of design reassurance or even a complete design plan.

THE DETAILS: During our visit, we want you to walk us through your walls as we catalog your stye, needs and dreams, and all design choices/options you are questioning. You will be offered honest advice and direction, given with intention and heart so that by the end of your consultation, you will have the tools you need to elevate your space.


Design is in the details.

THE DETAILS: The last few pieces and layers or replacing a worn item can often be the hardest part of finishing a room. We know exactly what you need and will take it from here! Let's breath some fresh life into your space with just a few simple changes.


Most of these options can be done virtually!

THE DETAILS: After understanding your design needs, we will be able to quote you for your project. Our price points are dependent upon the type, scope of needs, and timeline of your project.

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