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Thompson Interior Design was founded in 1996 by the late Patty Thompson. She built a studio that was known for creating fresh, original, and timeless designs that reflected her clients’ true style, which is still at the heart of Thompson Interior Design today.


The studio is now owned and led by Nicole Hospers, Patty’s daughter. Nicole grew up in the design world assisting her mom and joined the family business as a designer in 2012. She has a niche for mixing modern and traditional design effortlessly while elevating a space to something that is both beautiful and functional.

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Nicole and her husband reside in the Siouxland area, raising their two girls: an in charge, knows-it-all, generous seven-year-old and a sweet as pie but can turn on a dime four-year-old. Rounding out the crew is a maltipoo named Dutch who is the best boy and the best office assistant Thompson Interior could ask for. Nicole’s approachable and enthusiastic attitude pours over into her work. She loves using chic color palettes and surprising pattern combinations. Keeping each design choice thoughtful and deliberate, Nicole provides her clients with lasting spaces that are unique reflections of their personality.


In her free time, Nicole enjoys taking walks, listening to podcasts, and coloring with her girls. She often surrounds herself with her family and fresh flower arrangements but squeezes in a barre class here and there.

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